About Us

About Us

We are a local cable access station highlighting the surrounding communities of Hudsonville, Jenison and Grandville Michigan for over 30 years!

Community Education’s Public Access Television Station’s goal is to provide production equipment ( studio and remote) and support staff to assist in the creation of locally produced television programs of religious, educational, governmental, and public interest.

This station is unique in that the viewer makes the difference. All of the programming is based upon community interest and involvement. Input from viewers is used in creating the best possible means of communication to serve the public interest.

Programming on your community station ranges from coverage of city meetings to public service programs, informational call-in programs, local parades, many athletic and school related events, educational and entertaining programs of value and interest to the community.


Ben Fridsma

Sports Director

Brian Waring

Production Assistant

Supervisory Board Members

Cable TV Supervisory Board

The Cable TV Supervisory Board is made up of two representatives of each governmental agency and two representatives from each school district. All are appointed by their governing organization to this board position. A total of four citizens from each city; Grandville, Hudsonville and Georgetown Township, combine to create a total board of 13. The purpose of the Cable TV Supervisory Board is to promote local programming for and by various religious, educational, governmental, ethnic, professional, cultural, and other special interest groups.

Ken Krombeen, President

  • Hudsonville Schools
  • Anne Armstrong
  • Rebecca Fabiano
  • Jenison Schools
  • Lee Westervelt
  • Grandville Schools
  • Scott Merkel
  • Michael Kennedy
  • City of Hudsonville
  • Patrick B. Waterman
  • Lauren Foley
  • City of Grandville
  • Ken Krombeen, WCET-TV President
  • Tim Steenstra