Become a WCET-TV Sponsor

We invite you to join WCET -TV along with Grandville and Hudsonville Area Schools in emphasizing the success of our volunteers and employees through a variety of sponsorship opportunities. WCET -TV, our public access channel, is known as “the place to turn” for community information, community events, sports, special features and board and council meetings. Each week offers a different programming schedule to reach as many viewers as possible.
         Although we do not have “Nielsen Ratings,” we know people watch ! We get many phone calls requesting copies of games, requests for schedules and inquiries about other programming. As you can see, sponsoring WCET -TV is a great opportunity for your company. You are supporting community television while informing the community about your business. It’s a win – win situation! 
WCET -TV has a wide variety of programs. You can sponsor sports, plays, musicals, community events, parades and fairs. For information call: 616 – 669 – 3332

WCET -TV has programs that feature students from Grandville and Hudsonville High Schools and each of the elementary and Christian Schools in these areas.      

You have four options as a WCET-TV Sponsor

  1. Fall Season – 20 Varsity Football Games
  2. Winter Season – 40 Varsity Basketball Games
  3. Spring Season – 10 Varsity Baseball or Softball Games

Sponsor all three seasons and you can save:

  1. Fall Season $500 / 20 events/ 4 airings each*
  2. Winter Season $700 / 40 events/ 4 airings each*
  3. Spring Season $300 / 10 events/ 4 airings each* 

 As a WCET -TV Sports Sponsor, you will receive: A fifteen second video message per game and audio mentions by the announcer.

To Sponsor other programs, you can contact WCET-TV at (616) 669-3332