Community Events

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Grandville 4th of July

11990 4th of July Parade2:01
2 1994 4th of July Parade 1:48
13 1995 4th of July Parade 1:42
15 1991 4th of July Parade 1:15
18 1996 4th of July Parade 1:50
42 1992 4th of July Parade 1:40
44 1992 4th of July Fireworks 1:30
62 1993 4th of July Fireworks1:45
1351997 4th of July Fireworks 1:17
1581998 4th of July Fireworks1:11
1591998 4th of July Afternoon Festivities1:30
1691999 4th of July Sounds Like Fun
1784th of July Parade1:25
1922000 4th of July Parade1:31
2021999 4th of July: On The Stage
3064th of July Parade
3072006 4th of July Trilogy & Family Tradition DVD
3102006 4th of July Parade
3224th of July Extras
3234th of July Fireworks
3242007 4th of July Parade
3252007 4th of July Trilogy 2DVD
4012008 4th of July Guns vs Scholars
4022008 4th of July Parade
4032008 4th of July Cover Story 2DVD
4052008 4th of July Family Tradition
4224th of July Classic Fix Band
4232010 4th Guns vs Scholars
4242010 4th of July Parade
4374th of July Extras With Vince


IDEvent NameHrs/Mins
3Beach Bashers 1994 (Tapes 1&2)2:03
4Buck Creek Run 19940:38
8Grandville Festival 199058:00
37Grandville Public Library Dedication49:00
68Sounds Like Fun & Fireworks2:01
761993 Grandville Fire Department Parade1:00
79Newaygo Pride Visits Grandville Jr High School2:03
159Beach Bashers & Fireworks 19972:33
IDEvent NameHrs/Mins
201Sounds Like Fun & Fireworks 19992:03
400Grandville Idol 2007
4072008 Grandville Memorial Day Service
4112009 Grandville Idol
4122009 Grandville Memorial Day Service
4202010 Grandville Idol
25Mark Hinds & Fireworks 1:52

Georgetown Township

IDEvent NameHrs/Mins
5Memorial Day Parade 199051:00
6Memorial Day Parade 19911:50
201994 Georgetown Foundation1:18
39Memorial Day Parade 19921:22
60Memorial Day Parade 19931:00
61Memorial Day 5k 19930:55
101Memorial Day Parade 19951:37
128Memorial Day Parade 19961:01
131Memorial Day parade 19971:40
IDEvent NameHrs/Mins
132Memorial Day Events 19972:30
153Memorial Day Parade 19981:01
154Memorial Day Service & 5k Run 19981:06
176Memorial Day Parade1:00
177Memorial Day Service28:00
191Memorial Day Parade & Service 20001:44
339Memorial Day Service 5/26/2008
413Memorial Day Parade 2009

Elementary Schools

IDEvent Name
38Cummings Elementary School Trip
80Pinewood Elementary Mural Dedication
Grandville Central & South Elementary 5th Grade Concert 5/2/2006
Park Elementary 50th Anniversary 5/10/2008
East Elementary Talent Show 2/8/2008
Sandy Hill Elementary Spring Concert 3/10/2009
314Early Childhood Center “Mothers Day Spectacular” AM Class
315Early Childhood Center “Mothers Day Spectacular” PM Class
409Early Childhood Center “Mothers Day Spectacular” @5:30pm 5/5/2008
410Early Childhood Center “Mothers Day Spectacular” @7:15pm 5/5/2008
IDEvent Name
426Early Childhood Center “Mothers Day Spectacular 2010
Bursley Elementary Talent Show 2006
Alward Elementary Salute to America 5/31/2006
Alward Elementary American History Concert 5/23/2007
Alward Elementary Salute To America 5/14/2008
South Elementary Unity Tree 3/28/2007
South Elementary Variety Show 5/16/2008


IDJenison EventHrs/Mins
59High School: Friendship Club Telethon1:47
78High School: Homecoming Parade 19930:10
IDJenison EventHrs/Mins
317Jenison Memorial Day Parade 5/28/2007
Jenison Street Dance 3 DVDs 8/18/20123:00


IDCharity EventHrs/Mins
129National Night Out 19961:10
138 National Night Out 19971:57
335 National Night Out 2007
406 National Night Out 2008
425 National Night Out 2010
152 National Night Of Prayer 19980:44
137Byron Center Days: Demolition Derby 19971:33
161Byron Center Days: Tractor Pull 19982:40
162Byron Center Days: Demolition Derby 19981:07
168Byron Center Days: Parade 19981:00
7Memorial Day Parade & Festivities 19942:04
9Grand Rapids Festival 19910:40
10The Two Hawk Singers & Dancers 19940:36
11 Brad Lancaster – Magician 19940:24
12At The Underground
16DRJ Fishing At Hardy Pond 19941:11
17Party In The Park1:42
19Muskegon Air Show1:00
2147th Annual Barbershop Harmony Show
30Ambucs Party In The Park 19912:00
34Nancy Fuller: Painting1:22
35Halloween Live 19912:00
36Hager Park Design Day 1:39
41Buck Creek Run 19920:53
43Bob Whitcomb: The Juggler0:39
IDCharity Event Hrs/Mins
45Bob Whitcomb: The Juggler0:36
46New Olympian Baion Twirlers0:50
47Party In The Park 19921:33
58Paul Verhage: “Living With Aids”1:54
63Barbra Jean: Ventriloquist0:24
64Party In The Park 19931:25
77Battle Creek Hot Air Balloon Show0:27
130Celebration On The Grand Parade 19961:11
134American Cancer Society: “Relay For Life”1:50
136Celebrate God’s Blessing1:22
1552nd Annual American Cancer Society: “Relay For Life”2:00
160Community Wide Worship Service1:57
170Westside Baptist Church 10/19/2007
171Prevention Corner-TV & Video Games Impact On Family
173Williams Family & Wes Harrison 2002
174Grand Vision Community Coalition 1:15
190Mill Race Park Dedication2:03
305Guns & Roses Softball Game 7/3/2006
313Riley St Middle School Mock Naturalization Ceremony 12/18/2006
321Guns & Hoses Softball Game 7/3/2007
419Ham It Up With Chef Shawn 3/19/2009
430Grand Rapids Symphonette 2010
435Special Olympics Basketball 2010
436Community Awards Celebration 5/14/2010