Hudsonville Fair

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Hudsonville Fair Archives 1994-present


87Hymn Sing1:12
88Moto-Cross #12:03
88Moto-Cross #21:00
89Heavyweight Horse Pulls #12:02
89Heavyweight Horse Pulls #21:43
90Sheep Judging1:43
91Antique & Stock Tractor Pulls #12:00
IDEvent NameTime
91Antique & Stock Tractor Pulls #22:02
91Antique & Stock Tractor Pulls #30:34
92Horse & Hitch Classes Judging2:02
934-H Swine Judging2:00
94NTPA Truck & Tractor Pull2:02
95Lynelle Pierce Concert1:04
964-H Horse Show #12:02
964-H Horse Show #2 0:50
97Demolition Derby2:01
98Championship Off-Road Racing2:02
99Cheerleading Competition1:27
100Rolling Thunder Thrill Show1:12


IDEvent NameTime
110Hymn Song1:12
111Sheep Judging2:00
112Swine Judging1:35
113Stock & Antique Pulls #12:02
114Stock & Antique Pulls #22:02
114Stock & Antique Pulls #30:40
115LT. Draft Horse Pulls1:18

IDEvent NameTime
116Cheerleading Competition1:20
117NTP Truck & Tractor Pulls #12:01
117NTP Truck & Tractor Pulls #21:04
1184-H Horse & Donkey Show2:00
1194-H Horse & Donkey Show1:44
120Off Road Racing1:48
121Lynelle Pierce Concert0:46
IDEvent NameTime
122Horse & Hitch Judging2:00
123AMA Moto-Cross Racing2:00
124AMA Moto-Cross Racing1:44
125Heavyweight Horse Pulls1:41
126Heavyweight Horse Pulls (never used)?
127Demolition Derby1:45


IDEvent NameTime
102Horse & Hitch Judging2:00
103Lynelle Pierce Concert0:47
104Stock & Antique Pulls #12:00
104Stock & Antique Pulls #22:00
IDEvent NameTime
105AMA Moto-Cross Racing #11:58
105AMA Moto-Cross Racing #21:46
106Heavyweight Horse Pulls1:54
107I.P.R.A Rodeo1:57
IDEvent NameTime
108Demolition Derby2:00
109NTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls #11:54
109NTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls #20:58


IDEvent NameTime
139Hymn Sing1:10
140NPTA Truck & Tractor PUlls2:01
141Light Weight Horse Pulls1:14
142Cheerleading Competition0:57
143Stock & Antique Tractor Pulls #12:02
143 Stock & Antique Tractor Pulls #22:02
143 Stock & Antique Tractor Pulls #31:22
IDEvent NameTime
143 Stock & Antique Tractor Pulls #3 1:22
1444-H Horse Show #1 2:03
1444-H Horse Show #20:30
145I.P.R.A Rodeo #12:02
145I.P.R.A Rodeo #20:30
146Off Road Demo1:50
147D. Gregory & D. Gelder0:53
IDEvent NameTime
148Horse & Hitch Show2:00
149AMA Moto-Cross Racing #12:00
149AMA Moto-Cross Racing #22:18
150Heavyweight Horse Pulls #12:01
150Heavyweight Horse Pulls #21:00
151Demolition Derby1:00


IDEvent NameTime
162Hymn Sing
163AStock & Antique Tractor Pulls2:00
163BStock & Antique Tractor Pulls2:00
163CStock & Antique Tractor Pulls0:24
IDEvent NameTime
164Light Weight Horse Pulls1:45
165Cheerleading Competition0:33
166AMTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls2:00
166B MTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls 0:40
IDEvent NameTime
167AI.P.R.A. Rodeo2:00
167B I.P.R.A. Rodeo 0:20
169Off Road Demo
171AAMA Moto-Cross Racing2:43


IDEvent Name Time
179Hymn Sing1:03
180Stock & Antique Pulls2:43
181Lightweight Horse Pulls1:35
182Modified Truck & Tractor Pulls1:35
ID Event Name Time
183I.P.R.A Rodeo2:22
184Off Road Demo2:11
185AMA Moto-Cross Racing #12:30
185 AMA Moto-Cross Racing #1 1:28
ID Event Name Time
186Heavyweight Horse Pulls- Missing
187Demolition Derby1:58
188Horseback Riding1:10
189Fair Interviews1:04


ID Event Name Time
193Antique & Stock Tractor Pulls #12:51
193Antique & Stock Tractor Pulls #20:14
194Lightweight Horse Pulls
195Canceled Due To Weather
ID Event Name Time
196I.P.R.A. Rodeo2:13
197Off Road Demo2:20
198Moto-Cross Racing #12:50
198Moto-Cross Racing #21:57
ID Event Name Time
199Heavyweight Horse Pulls #12:02
199 Heavyweight Horse Pulls #20:20
200Demolition Derby1:31
201Hymn Sing1:01


IDEvent Name
202Hymn Sing
203Stock & Antique Tractor Pull #1
204Stock & Antique Tractor Pull #2
205Lightweight Horse Pulls #1
206Lightweight Horse Pulls #2
IDEvent Name
207Modified Truck & Tractor Pulls
208Off Road Demo #1
209Off Road Demo #2
210I.P.R.A. Rodeo
211A.M.A. Supercross Racing #1
IDEvent Name
212A.M.A. Supercross Racing #2
213A.M.A. Supercross Racing #3
214Demolition Derby


ID Event Name
220Hymn Sing
221Stock & Antique Tractor Pulls #1
221BStock & Antique Tractor Pulls #2
222Modified Truck & Tractor Pulls #1
222BModified Truck & Tractor Pulls #2
ID Event Name
223Off Road Demo #1
223BOff Road Demo #2
224S.J.O Supercross Racing #1
224BS.J.O Supercross Racing #2
225Heavyweight Horse Pulls #1
ID Event Name
226Lightweight Horse Pulls #1
226BHeavyweight Horse Pulls #2
227Lightweight Horse Pulls #2
228Demolition Derby
230Labor Day Demolition Derby


ID Event Name
231Hymn Sing
232Stock & Antique Tractor Pulls #1
232B Stock & Antique Tractor Pulls #2
233Modified Tractor Pull #1
233B Modified Tractor Pull #2
234Off Road Demo Wednesday #1
ID Event Name
234BOff Road Demo Wednesday #2
235Off Road Demo Thursday #1
235BOff Road Demo Thursday #2
236S.J.O Supercross Racing #1
236BS.J.O Supercross Racing #2
236CS.J.O Supercross Racing #3
ID Event Name
237Lightweight Horse Pull #1
238Heavyweight Horse Pull #1
238BHeavyweight Horse Pull #2
239Demolition Derby
239BLightweight Horse Pull #2
240Labor Day Demolition Derby


ID Event Name
240Stock Tractor Pull
241Hymn Sing
242Off Road Demo #2 Thursday
243Lightweight Horse Pulls
244Children’s Day Rides, Race & Exhibits
245Demolition Derby
ID Event Name
246Off Road Demo #2
246BOff Road Demo #1 Wednesday
248Heavyweight Horse Pulls
249Open Dog Show
250Turtle & Frog Races & Pedal Pull
251Voices of Victory
ID Event Name
252Hudsonville Fair Extras
253FNTPA Truck & Tractor Pull
254FConcert Down Home
255F3 DVD S.J.O. Motocross


ID Event Name
253Hymn Sing
254Stock Tractor Pull
255Lightweight Horse Pull
255BHeavyweight Horse Pull
ID Event Name
256Modified Truck & Tractor Pull
257Off Road Demolition Derby #1
258Off Road Demolition Derby #2
259S.J.O. Supercross Racing
ID Event Name
260Demolition Derby Saturday Aug. 27
260BHudsonville Extras
260CLabor Day Demolition Derby


ID Event Name
261Hymn Sing
262Stock & Antique Tractor Pull
263Lightweight Horse Pull
264Modified Truck & Tractor Pull
ID Event Name
265Off Road Demolition Derby
266Off Road Demolition Derby
267S.J.O. Supercross Racing A/B
268Heavyweight Horse Pull
ID Event Name
269Demolition Derby
270Labor Day Demo Derby
271Hudsonville Extras


ID Event Name
272Hymn Sing
273Off Road Demo Derby 8/21
274Off Road Demo Derby 8/22
ID Event Name
275S.J.O. Supercross 2DVD
277Light & Heavy Weight Horse Pull
278Demo Derby
ID Event Name
279Fair Adventures with Vince
326Labor Day Demolition Derby


ID Event Name
330Christian Music
331Antique & Stock Tractor Pull 2 DVD
332Off Road Races 8/19
333Off Road Races 2DVD 8/20
ID Event Name
334NTPA Truck & Tractor Pull 2DVD
335S.J.O. Supercross Racing 2DVD
336Turtle Races & Pedal Pull
ID Event Name
337Demolition Derby
338Horse Pulls 2DVD
400Truck Pulls Labor Pulls


ID Event Name
401Christian Music
402Antique & Stock Tractor Pull 2DVD
403Off Road Races
403BOff Turtle Races & Pedal Pulls
ID Event Name
404Off Road Races 2DVD
405NTPA Truck & Tractor Pull
406S.J.O. Supercross Racing 2DVD
407Concert Echo of Light
ID Event Name
408Demolition Derby
409Horse Pulls 2DVD


ID Event Name
410Christian Music
411Antique & Stock Tractor Pull 3DVD
412Off Road Races 8/24
ID Event Name
413Off Road Races 2DVD
413BNTPA Truck & Tractor Pull 2DVD
414S.J.O. Supercross Racing 2DVD
ID Event Name
415Horse Pull 2DVD
416Demolition Derby


ID Event Name
417Christian Music
418 Antique & Stock Tractor Pull 3 DVD
419Tuesday Off Road Races
ID Event Name
420Wednesday Off Road Races
421NTP Truck & Tractor Pull 2DVD
422S.J.O. Supercross Racing 2DVD
ID Event Name
423Turtie Races & Pedal Pull
424Horse Pulls 2DVD
425Demolition Derby


ID Event Name
425Concert Of Praise
432Stock & Antique Tractor Pulls
426Off Road Derby
ID Event Name
427Wednesday NTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls
428Thursday NTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls
429S.J.O. Supercross Racing
ID Event Name
430Horse Pulls
431Lawn Mower Races


ID Event Name
434Concert Of Praise
435Antique Truck & Tractor Pull #1
435BAntique Truck & Tractor Pull #2
436Off Road Races
ID Event Name
437Wednesday NTPA Truck/Tractor Pull
437B Wednesday NTPA Truck/Tractor Pull
438Thursday NTPA Truck/Tractor Pull
438B Thursday NTPA Truck/Tractor Pull
ID Event Name
439S.J.O. Supercross
439B S.J.O. Supercross
440Demo Derby


ID Event Name
441FStock & Antique Tractor Pulls
442FNTPA Truck & Tractor Pull
ID Event Name
443FWest Michigan Mudd Runs
444FS.J.O. Supercross Racing
ID Event Name
445FLight & Heavy Weight Horse Pulls
446FOff Road Derby


ID Event Name
447FStock & Antique Tractor Pulls
448FTuesday NTPA Truck & Tractor Pull
ID Event Name
449FWednesday NTPA Truck & Tractor Pull
450FOff Road Derby
ID Event Name
451FS.J.O. Supercross Racing
451FMonster Trucks


ID Event Name
452FTractor Pulls
454FNTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls 8/23
ID Event Name
455FNTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls 8/24
456FOff Road Derby
ID Event Name
457FS.J.O. Supercross Racing
458FMonster Trucks


ID Event Name
459Hot Diesel Trucks, Farm Stock & Antique Tractor Pulls
460FTuesday NTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls
461Wednesday NTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls
ID Event Name
462FS.J.O. Supercross Racing
463FOff Road Derby
464FMonster Trucks
465FHudsonville Extras


ID Event Name
466FTractor Pulls
467FNTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls 8/21
468FNTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls 8/22
469FOff Road Derby
470FS.J.O. Supercross Racing
471FMonster Trucks


ID Event Name
472FHot Diesel Trucks, Farm Stock & Antique Tractor Pulls 8/19
473FRodeo 8/20
474FNTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls 8/21
ID Event Name
475FNTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls 8/22
476FS.J.O. Supercross Racing 8/23
IDEvent Name
477FMonster Truck 8/25
478FSaturday Monster Truck 8/24


Cancelled Due to COVID-19


4798/23/21 Hot Diesel Trucks, Farm Stock & Antique Tractor Pulls
4808/24/21 Broken Horn Rodeo
4818/25/21 NTPA Truck & Tractor Pulls
4828/26/21 Offroad Racing
4838/27/21 SJO Supercross
4848/28/21 Monster Trucks

2022 Fair Not Covered By WCET