Musicals, Plays, Bands

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Riverbend Players

IDRiverbend Players:Hrs/Mins
1Rehearsal For Murder1:59
5Love, Sex and the IRS1:44
6The Nerd1:58
32The Bride’s Bouquet1:36
38Don’t Drink The Water1:42
58Arsenic & Old Lace2:26
59The Butler Did It1:32
83Steel Magnolias1:56
93Faith County1:10
98The Music Man2:16
102Solid Gold Cadillac2:02
113The Sound Of Music2:31
118The Cemeter Club2:02
119The Shoemaker and The Eleves1:30
IDRiverbend Players: Hrs/Mins
122Bull In The China Shop1:52
137Meet Me In St. Louis2:26
139In January Thaw2:15
140Once Upon A Santa Claus1:20
141The Runner Stumbles1:06
158Fiddler On The Roof2:37
162Come Blow Your Horn2:09
172Cheaper By The Dozen1:30
184Joseph & Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat1:19
186Haunting of Hill House2:15
205Captain Noah1:12
208Byele Spirit2:04

Hudsonville Schools Revue Show Series

IDHudsonville Schools Revue Show:Hrs/Mins
4Revue Show: Don’t Touch That Dial (1990)1:52
10Revue Show: TV Time (1991)1:58
41Revue Show: Bandstand (1992)1:59
62Revue Show: Play It Again (1993)2:01
89You’re On The Air (1994)2:08
149Star Search (1997)2:02
175Review Show 2DVD (5/3/2007)
178Travel In Thru Time (1998)1:43
178BNight At The Movies (1998)

IDHudsonville Schools Revue Show:Hrs/Mins
213On With The Show (2000)1:54
238A Blast From The Past (2001)2:02
249Gotta Get Back In Time (2002)
269South Elementary: 2003 Show
272South Elementary: 2002 Show
280ADo You Believe In Magic (2004)
280Night At The Movies
295Greatest Hits (5/7/2009)
296Anything Goes (5/7/2010)
300ADisney Dazzle (3/25/2011)
300Can’t Stop The Beat (5/10/2012)

Hudsonville High School Plays

IDHudsonville High School EventHrs/Mins
67Drum & Bugle Comp.1:15
82Pillow Talk1:40
1652nd Annual Variety Show1:38
168The Pink Panther1:44
170Little Women2:00
209Hudsonville: Around The World In Eighty Days1:38
231Robin Hood1:08
233Winter Concert51:00
IDHudsonville High School EventHrs/Mins
243Spring Choir Concert47:00
245Presents: The Little Princess (2002)
288BRapunzel (5/2/2008)
289BRumors (4/24/2008)
290ABriar Rose
290Terrible Tale… Dragon (4/29/2009)
291The Frog Princess (4/30/2009)
292Toy School (4/30/2009)

Hudsonville Area Concerts

IDConcert NameHrs/Mins
197Middle & High School Spring Concert1:56
226Middle & High School Spring Concert2:03
265Spring Concert (2003)
252High School Spring Choir Concert
259High School Fall Choir Concert (2003)
274Middle School Spring Orchestra
79Hudsonville Baptist: King of Kings1:24
212Reading Is Better Than A Three Ring Circus0:30
282Harvest Parade (10/18/2009)
117 Summer Academy: Music Review 0:27
138Summer Academy: Review Show0:44
163Summer Academy: Variety Show (1997)0:40
IDConcert NameHrs/Mins
183Summer Academy: Variety Show (1998)0:29
285Summer Concert Series: Family Tradition (7/17/2008)
286Summer Concert Series: B-Bop Band
287Summer Concert Series: Calder City Concert Band (9/15/2005)
288Summer Concert Series: Lakeshore Jazz Ensemble (9/6/2007)
337Summer Concert Series: Baker/Pasma Family Band
415Summer Concert Series: Boogie Woogie Babies 2009
416Summer Concert Series: Fun In The Sun Band 2009
417Summer Concert Series: American Legion Band 2009
427Summer Concert Series: Seline Fiddlers 2010
428Summer Concert Series: Steppin Out 2010
429Summer Concert Series: Funktion 2010

Grandville Schools

IDSchool Concert/PlayHrs/Mins
7High School: Romeo & Juliet2:28
39High School: The Tempest1:37
55High School: Death of A Salesman1:18
64High School: A Comedy Of Errors1:22
78High School: Ten Little Indians1:36
85High School: Macbeth 1:45
103High School: You Can’t Take It With You1:43
120High School: The Crucible2:01
123High School: Much Ado About Nothing2:03
156High School: As You Like It1:58
169High School: Inherit The Wind1:30
199High School: Don’t Drink The Water1:40
126Middle School: Cheaper By The Dozen 19961:28
IDSchool Concert/PlayHrs/Mins
155Middle School: Belle’s On Their Toes1:26
179Middle School: Alladin1:58
194Middle School: The People vs BB Wolf1:00
219Middle School: Pinocchio0:55
189PS Performing Choir: Capitol Concert0:45
157West Elementary: Lovin’ Kindness0:45
175South Elementary: I Like Bein’ Me0:44
187South Elementary: Songs From Around The World0:42
222South Elementary: Billy & Tedd’s Adventure0:57
244South Elementary 2002 “Carnival Of Animals
247South Elementary 2002 “Celebrating Sounds”
2766th Grade Choir Spring Concert 2004

Grandville Concerts

69Family Tradition July 4th Fireworks (missing)
115Sounds Like Fun & Fireworks 19951:10
136Jawbone 4th of July 19961:44
185Sounds Like Fun & Fireworks 19982:34
202On The Stage At Grandville 4th of July2:02
2234th of July: Heart Of Gold Band1:10
2244th Of July: Beach Bashers & Fireworks2:07
2674th Of July: Trilogy 2003
2684th of July: Steel Drum Band & 11th Hour 2003
105Grandville Players: The Taming Of The Shrew2:09
106Grandville Christian: Good Kings Come In Small Packages0:52
284Grand Rapids Youth Symphony 3/1/2009

Jenison Schools

35High School: Battle of The Bands2:30
44High School: Robin Hood1:10
47High School: Don’t Rock The Boat1:37
66High School: Meet The Creeps1:28
72Band Invitational 19920:37
76Band Invitational 0:41
81Jenison: The Invisible Box1:03
94High School: The Invisible Box #21:19
144BHigh School: Jellybean Conspiracy 11/15/07 (2Dvds)
166Jenison Thespian Troupe: The Pied Piper1:08
171High School: Mid Summer Nights Dream2:43
204Band Concert1:10
207High School Presents: Macbeth2:03
251High School: Band & Awards
278Choirs Fund Raiser 2004
294High School: Telethon 5/8/2009
297High School: Telethon 5/7/2010
301AHigh School: Telethon “Best Dance Crew” 5/13/2011
301High School: Telethon “The Voice” 5/11/2012
73Middle School: Band Concert 0:38
124Middle School: Winter Concert 19960:43
153Middle School: Thespians2:00
261Bursley Elementary Presents: A Camping We Will Go 2003
302Early Childhood Center: Mothers Day Spectacular 5/8/2012
241Baldwin St & Riley St Middle School: Spring & Choir Concert1:55

Grand Rapids Symphonette

IDConcert NameHrs/Mins
46Symphonette Orchestra0:54
63Symphonette Orchestra 1:13
92Symphonette Orchestra: Sunset Manor 1:17
109Symphonette Orchestra 19951:00
128Symphonette Orchestra 19961:04
148Symphonette Orchestra 19971:30
167Symphonette Orchestra 19971:04
177Symphonette Orchestra 1998 ***MISSING***
IDConcert NameHrs/Mins
196ASymphonette Orchestra at St. Cecilia1:43
221Symphonette Orchestra at St. Cecilia1:30
228Symphonette Orchestra at Lutheran Village1:00
237Symphonette Orchestra at Georgetown Senior Center1:04
279Symphonette Orchestra 2004
282BSymphonette Orchestra 4/2/2008
289Symphonette Orchestra 4/12/2006

Elementary Schools

IDElementary School and ProgramHrs/Mins
29Rosewood Elementary: Under The Musical Rainbow1:32
65Rosewood Elementary: SpringChoir Concert 19930:44
86Rosewood Elementary Choir 0:42
87Bauerwood Elementary: Under The Musical Rainbow1:16
91Sandy Hill Elementary: The Mighty Rainforest Tree0:22
100Bursley Elementary: Scrooge1:22
107Cummings Elementary: Kids For America0:53
108Rosewood Elementary: Celebrate The Differences 19950:52
116South Elementary: Free To Be You and Me0:35
125West Elementary: How The West was Really Won 19961:00
129Cummings Elementary: How The West was Really Won 19961:05
133Alward Elementary: Spring Program0:38
143Alward Elementary: Theater Group1:17
144Park Elementary: The Selfish Giant0:30
145Forest Grove Elementary: 3 Wishing Bags0:30
146Bauer Elementary: Goldilocks0:30
147Jamestown Elementary: Stone Soup0:30
150Park Elementary: Spring Program1:00
176Park Elementary: Bunnies & Bonnets0:30
181Forest Grove Elementary: The Magic Cloak0:30
190Alward Elementary Talent & Theater Group1:00
193Forest Grove Elementary: The Trail of Goldilocks0:45
195BCummings Elementary: Spring Concert0:45
196CPark Elementary: Cinderella0:48
IDElementary School and ProgramHrs/Mins
210Bauer Elementary: Spring Concert0:30
211Grand. South Elementary: Proud0:45
215Cummings Elementary: Billy & Teddy’s Excellent Adventure1:00
217Park Elementary Play0:41
218Forest Grove Elementary Play0:32
220Bauer Elementary: Celebrate The Differences1:00
230South Elementary Program0:47
234Bauer Elementary: Hairum Scarum0:30
235Alward Elementary: Mother Goose Is On The Loose & The Selfish Giant0:30
236South & Cummings Elementary: Every Day Is Earth Day0:38
239APark Elementary: How Things Happen In Threes0:50
240Forest Grove Elementary: The Selfish Giant0:28
250Forest Grove Elementary: Hans Who Made The Princess Laugh 2002
266Pinewood Elementary: Mothers Day Spectacular 2002
281South Elementary “Bugz”
293Alward 5th Grade Celebration 6/1/2009
299South Elementary Talent Show 2012
95Sandy Hill Third Annual Talent Show “The Follies”1:10
96Sandy Hill Mother’s Day Spectacular0:55
130Sandy Hill Mother’s Day Spectacular0:47
154Sandy Hill Mother’s Day Spectacular1:15
182Sandy Hill Mother’s Day Spectacular 19981:02
196BSandy Hill Mother’s Day Spectacular 19991:28
298Rosewood Fine Arts Celebration 2010

Unity Christian

IDSchool Name and EventHrs/Mins
9Unity Christian: An Evening In Appalachia2:03
94BUnity Christian: Harvey1994
142Unity Christian: Wizard of Oz1:55
164Unity Christian: The Matchmaker2:21
262Unity Christian: 2003 In the Crucible
IDSchool Name and EventHrs/Mins
174Unity Christian: Cinderella1:40
232Unity Christian: Our Town1:46
246BUnity Christian: The Man Who Came To Dinner 2002
275Unity Christian: The Wind In The Willows 2004
277Sunset: 126th Army Band & Unity Christian Choral 2004
D278Anne of Green Gables 2022
D279The 33 Little Pigs
D280Stone In The Road
D281The Emperor’s New Clothes


IDTelethon NameHrs/Mins
972nd Annual Steve Munster Telethon1:28
1123rd Annual Steve Munster Telethon1:30
1324th Annual Steve Munster Telethon1:40
1515th Annual Steve Munster Telethon1:44
195A7th Annual Steve Munster Telethon1:28
IDTelethon NameHrs/Mins
2168th Annual Steve Munster Telethon1:33
2429th Annual Steve Munster Telethon1:50
256Steve Munster Telethon 2002
257Steve Munster Telethon 203
260Steve Munster Telethon

Church Plays and Concerts

90Freedom Baptist: You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown1:45
131Freedom Baptist Spring Concert1:41
161Protestant Reformed Instrumental Music Group 19971:30
206Fair Haven Church: Hark UP!2:00
229Fair Haven Church: Hark Up! 2000
239BFreedom Baptist: You Can’t Take It With You2:05
246AFreedom Baptist PP: Meet Me In St. Louis
258Fair Haven Ministries: Easter Changes Everything 2003
263Grace Community Church: “He is Alive” 2000
273Freedom Baptists: A Murder Is Announced
303Evergreen Ministries: Annie 12/7/2012
43Georgetown Bible Church: Robbie Hiner


11Country Junction #10:30
12Country Junction #20:30
13Country Junction #30:30
14Country Junction #40:30
23HeadBangers Society #10:45
26HeadBangers Society *Live*0:44
30HeadBangers Society Greatest Hits 1:14
134Sea Cruisers #1 19961:56
135Sea Cruisers #2 19960:49
225The Ottawa County Ramblers Part 112:00
227The Ottawa County Ramblers Part 21:00
283Master Arts Theatre: Charlottes Web 6/20/2008
294BMaster Arts Theatre: The Jungle Book 6/19/2009
3Music Man2:00
8Sing Into Spring2:02
17The Midnight Bandit Band0:32
22Zacharia Band0:44
31Heavy Metal Thunder1:07
36Wherever She May Roam1:25
37Video Sound Trax #11:00
40The Wizard Of Ahhhs1:39
45Upon A midnight Clear2:02
50Smyth Brother’s Band2:02
52Rich Kornoelje: Ventrilioquist1:10
53Video Sound Trax #2 0:58
56Two Years of Outback Productions0:56
61The Sound Of Music2:33
70Brad Lancaster: Magician0:54
77Dyslexic Bob0:51
80Up the Down Staircase1:33
84The Girl In The Mirror: On With The Shrew1:15
88Sardonicky 0:52
99Drums Along The Grand 19942:00
111Ron Harig’s Mothers Day Spectacular 19951:26
152Winn: Wolf Image News Network 19970:42
160Bagpipes Band & Skydivers 19971:32
173Battle Of The Bands 1993 @ Club Eastbrook2:01
180Winn: Wolf Image News Network 19980:48
264Great Percussion 2003
270Zeeland Community Band 2003


24Head Bangers Society #2 ***Missing***
27Project B.A.S.S. ***Missing*** Not For Resale***
28Head Bangers Society #3 ***Missing***
57Heavy Metal Thunder #2 ***Missing***
101Grand Center Bridal Show ***Missing***
104Adult Band Festival Part 2 ***Missing***